Mid Night Oil

Mid Night Oil is a prayer gathering for anyone desiring God and wanting spiritual release. Our goal is for everyone to find freedom in and through Jesus Christ; freedom to live their respective lives to the fullest as a new creation and child of God.  It is during these prayer nights that many feel connected to a living God.

Mid Night Oil meets on the first Friday night of each month from 9:30 pm until 12 midnight.  Come and go as you please.  Join us and experience for yourself the joy of prayer.


Immersion (20′s & 30′s)

Immersion is a dedicated group of young adults and singles gathered together to be immersed in prayer and the Word of God. God works through the accountability of each member praying for another and encouraging each other toward Christian living in a dark world.

Immersion meets Fridays at 8 pm in building B Fellowship Hall.


Prayer Generation (Youth Group)

Prayer Generation (PG) is a youth group gathering at NBCC.  Due to the intensive nature of the world our youth are living in today, NBCC is devoted to teaching them to rely on Jesus Christ through prayer and to rest in His hope for our next generation. Our PG staff team, with great supporting parents, provide nurture, guidance, and fun fellowship to help any youth feel part of a larger family.

PG meets every Friday at 7:30 pm in building B Main Sanctuary


NBCC Kids (Children’s ministry)

Teaching children to love God and the Bible is the mission of NBCC Kids. Life and hope is only found in a relationship with God. So, our passion is teaching kids to hear the voice of God through understanding the Bible and prayer.

We desire every preschooler to take a first look at who God is and understand that God made me, God loves me, and Jesus wants to be my friend forever.

“Open my eyes so that I can see the wonderful truths in your law.” Psalm 119:18

NBCC Kids desires every elementary kid to model how Jesus grew up and to say, “I need to make the wise choice, I can trust God no matter what, and I should treat others the way I want to be treated.”

“And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men.” Luke 2:52 NIV