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Real People Real Suffering Real Victory – Inspiring Stories of Victory.

Real People Real Suffering Real Victory


This book profiles five warriors who have achieved victory in the face of defeat. They are not the celebrities of Hollywood desiring media attention, but real people living real lives and suffering because the world they’re living in is dark and difficult. Yet through their suffering, they emerge victoriously, conquering darkness, despair, and hopelessness through the one who alone can do all things. Each fight a different battle, but all share a common bond, the struggle to make sense of it all and remain faithful to the one who called them to greater heights. The Lord Jesus gives these ordinary people the extraordinary will to fight life’s toughest wars. Each author speaks from his or her heart and comes to the same conclusion that God is greater than the feelings of hopelessness that arise when the world crumbles around them.

Each touching, true story will take you from despair to triumph when seemingly defeat is eminent. These personal stories will move you from “feelings of hopelessness” to profoundly experiencing God’s presence and power. Whether you’re struggling with an unexpected crisis, a devastating relationship, or a financial collapse, Real People Real Suffering Real Victory will remind you that the Lord is faithful to hear your cry and will never leave you nor forsake you.

Deuteronomy 31:6

Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.”


Joseph Y. Choi is the founder of JnJ Publishing House, whose vision is to provide ministry resources that are “Real, Practical and Supernatural” for the next generation. He attended Golden Gate, Denver, and Liberty Baptist Theological seminaries. He authored Hiring An English Ministry Pastor & Beyond In An Asian American Church Context, co-authored New Beginning: I’ve Accepted Christ – Now What?, and Real People Real Suffering Real Victory – Inspiring Stories of Victory.



During prayer and not long after the Lord was convicting me to plant a church, He made a very strong conviction in my heart to start writing a book. I truly thought it was Satan talking in my head. I had never written nor ever wanted to write a book. So it was obvious that it wasn’t from me and it couldn’t have been from God, because my grades in English class were always poor.  But the more I prayed the stronger the conviction came. I had to remind God of the grades I used to receive in grammar class as a child.  Plus, how could I possibly pull this off working full time, planting a church, and being there for my family.  I told God that if He truly wanted me to write, then He would have to find a person who has some experience in it and help me jump start it. Exactly two days later, I ran into a person who had some experience in writing a book. I started asking many questions, and he offered to help me get the book jump started. Wow! I couldn’t believe it. Could this be truly real? Once he showed me the basic fundamentals of writing, I started the journey and in three weeks I wrote two hundred and fifty pages. Please note that I do not typically write two hundred and fifty pages in three weeks, so it is very obvious it is the Lord’s doing and not mine.  “Now what do I do Lord?” I asked with the triumphant victory of writing my very first book. I had no idea what to do next, so I asked the Lord to bring to me an editor for this book. Barely making it financially as a lower level minister, I had no money to pay for an editor.  During prayer, God told me to talk to Pastor Jae Lee. His schedule was very busy and he was home schooling all six of his kids, so basically he turned me down at first. However, few months later, he asked if I was still looking for an editor. I reminded him that I was looking for a “free” editor. Not only did Pastor Jae edit my first three books, but he co-authored with me on New Beginning: I’ve Accepted Christ – Now What?  “O.K. Lord, the book is edited, but now I do not have a cover designer and you already know my financial situation, so you need to bring me someone who can design the book.” I proudly asked with confidence, since He already took care of the editing situation. During prayer, God convicted me to email Ann Pak, a full time school teacher and part time professional photographer. She gladly came on board and beautifully designed the first three books. From the proceeds of the book sales, I then paid Ann for her amazing work.  The first book written was Hiring An English Ministry Pastor & Beyond In An Asian American Church Context, but I felt that I needed to write another book and get it published first before publishing this book. I co-authored with Jae in our very first published book: New Beginning: I’ve Accepted Christ – Now What? With the understanding of printing our first book, we then were able to print the second book Hiring an English Ministry Pastor & Beyond. Within one year, we published two books, while I was working to plant a church at the same time. This could have only happened because God wanted it to happen and it was “NOT” any of my own talent or skill, but purely for a greater plan that the Lord has made. Thus, the vision for the publishing company came in the middle of the night, 4:30 am: Real, Practical and Super-natural; Ministry Resources for the Next Generation. These words kept lingering in my head and I couldn’t fall back to sleep. I took out a piece of paper, and wrote the words. I must have fell asleep right away, because the next morning I looked at the paper and read the vision.  For a moment, I had thought the vision was for the next generation Christians in America.  I realized, it is for those developing countries where Christianity is starting to grow. Discipleship materials and basically many Christian ministry resources are in desperate need throughout the world. Many Christian ministries, churches, and believers cannot afford the price of American Christian ministry resources. Plus, the content of many Christian books in America do not apply to much of the developing world. Then, it finally dawned on what I must do. Because of the books that I had written with reviews and endorsements for it, the credibility to attract and communicate with many other Christian authors, seminary professors, pastors, and Christian leaders were opened. The goal is to have many Christian teachers write their material and give it away for free for international missions. My publishing company would then have the material translate it in the native language of the country designated and then sell it at a very low affordable cost to the developing countries. However, the primary objective is to have missionaries and native pastors from the developing world write Christian resources, since they already read, write, speak and know the culture. Then with a publishing company established in their country, we would distribute the materials to Christian ministries, churches, and believers of the native land.




New Beginning I’ve Accepted Christ – Now What?


This book is what I have been searching for in my journey to connect and understand my walk with Christ. I am relatively new in my walk and have been so confused and overwhelmed. I have a ton of resources but still I am all over the place in understanding
and putting everything in its prospective. This book is like a beacon of light leading me down the path to my goal which is to grow, be knowledgeable in my faith and ultimately be like Christ!! A thousand times thank you!!!!


I think that this book will not only help a new believer but also those who have been in the faith for a while. It is a great tool in helping answer questions about our faith. I personally found it helpful in strengthening my relationship with Christ. I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking to know what the “Christian Walk ” should look like. I also liked the simple explanations after each main topic .Thank you both for writing this very enlightening book!


Excellent book for new people of faith as well as old-timers. Each chapter begins with “short answers” which are specifics to be covered in the following pages. These alone are worthy of review by anyone interested in the subject of basic Christianity. It not only answers questions that most people have at one time or another, but includes guidance for practicing the faith. “The more you know Him, the more you will love Him.”


This book is a wonderful resource for new believers and those of us who are “not so new” believers in need of a reboot. This is such an easy, quick book to read and I love the “Short Answers” sections. The writing style is simple to understand but not dumbed down. My favorite chapter is on prayer. I’m so thankful they took the time to go over this subject and not just teach us the Lord’s Prayer but that it’s meant to be a guideline of how to pray, not just some meaningless babble. I believe this book is a great resource for every Christ following church to keep on hand and have available for believers in all stages of their walk.


Hiring an English Ministry Pastor & Beyond in an Asian American Church Context


“Part of my ministry is to assist and facilitate the planting of new Asian American churches. Choi and Lee’s book ‘Hiring an EM Pastor’ breaks new ground in this new frontier of American church planting.  There is no other book written which is as comprehensive and practical on the subject of the nuts and bolts of planting and staffing an Asian American English speaking church. For anyone who wants to know more about this subject I recommend that you read and put its principles into practice.”

– Dr. Ron Blankenship, Director of Missions/Church Planting Catalyst for Montgomery Baptist Association in MD and Adjunct Professor of Missions at Washington Baptist University.


“The book Hiring an English Ministry Pastor is a valuable resource and tool to help many Asian-American churches across the United States. I would strongly recommend all Korean-American churches to have this book as an important source in hiring the right English Ministry Pastor.”

– Nathan Lee, Founder of Father’s Heart Ministry, Evangelism Explosion College Campus Ministry, Founder and director of Kingdom Conference


“Very few books address specifically Asian-American concerns with their unique multicultural, multilingual and historical contexts. Hiring an English Ministry Pastor fills such a need and gives insights that will benefit all who are engaged or interested in this dynamically growing ministry.  I highly recommend this book.”

– John Tung, English Pastor for over 20 years at Chinese Bible Church of Maryland, Rockville, MD.


“This book is a must reading for anyone who is interested in the recruitment and employment process of Asian/Asian-American pastors and ministers. I recommend the book strongly.”

– Dr. Sung Wook Chung, Denver Seminary, Associate Professor of Theology and Director of Korean Initiatives